Fan Coil

Fan Coil

Puron® Refrigerant

Fan CoilPuron® refrigerant is environmentally sound and won’t deplete the ozone layer. Carrier introduced Puron® refrigerant a full six years ahead of the competition, paving the way for the future. The Clean Air Act of 1990 prohibits the production of HCFC-based air conditioners and heat pumps by 2010 and bans Freon® -22 production by 2020.

As Freon® production reduces, its cost is predicted to increase. Freon® -12 in the automotive industry increased by a whopping 800% in a short seven years! Ensure your cooling costs by investing in systems with Puron® refrigerant – environmentally sound, efficient, and dependable refrigerant designed for the future. Carrier’s Infinity™ Series Fan Coil with Puron® refrigerant delivers excellent reliability and proven performance.

Fan CoilWith energy costs on the rise, a Carrier variable speed fan coil can help improve your Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER number by up to two points. SEER is like gas mileage. The higher the gas mileage or SEER the more efficient the automobile or system is.

  • Operating at its lowest speed, the variable speed fan motor is efficient and quieter than a standard fan coil.
  • The variable speed fan motor operates on its lowest speed 90% of the time, costing approximately $14 a year to use while running it its continuous fan mode. Compared to a standard fan coil operating at higher speeds and costing approximately $163 per year, you’ll see a savings of $149.

Fan CoilCarrier specializes in creating a customized home comfort system tailored to your needs with our broad selection of residential heating and cooling products. We can help you choose the best system for your home including Carrier-exclusive features that further enhance your indoor environment.

  • The revolutionary Infinity™ System is the only system in the industry that allows you to control temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, and ventilation; and even detects if your air filter needs replacing. It’s the ultimate control center for all your home system components.
  • Bothered by that dry, “staticky” feeling in the winter or that muggy feeling in the summer? Add a Carrier Humidifier and Infinity™ Control to your variable speed Infinity™ Series fan coil. IdealHumidity™ controls your home’s humidity level even when the system isn’t actively heating or cooling.
  • The Infinity™ Series variable-speed fan coil’s longer heating and cooling cycles help to eliminate hot or cold spots, keeping a more even temperature throughout your home.
  • The Infinity™ Series variable-speed fan coil’s motor and Easy-Select Board combine to generate noticeably warmer air during colder weather than a standard heat pump system.
  • The continuous fan mode circulates indoor air, even when not actively heating or cooling, improving air quality and enhancing comfort.

Operational Cost
Annual savings realized with an Infinity™ fan coil is approximately $149.

Fan Coil

The Carrier Infinity™ Series fan coil is protected by a five-year limited warranty on the entire unit. Extended warranties are also available.