Air Conditioning Repair in Athens, GA

Air Conditioning Repair in Athens, Monroe, Madison, GA and the Surrounding Areas

What AC Problems in Athens Georgia Might Imply?

You know it gets hot in Georgia. Summers can be terrible in Athens and Monroe, Georgia. More than that though, the hot and humid weather encourages mold and mildew growth in our homes.
These problems can affect the way you and your family breathe, it can cause allergies, asthma, coughing, odors, and even damage to your property. This is why you should call us, J&J Heating and Air for all your AC problems. Contact Us for Air Conditioning Repair In Athens, Monroe, Madison, GA and the Surrounding Areas.

What Can You Do About The Summer Weather in Athens, Georgia?

The primary cause of indoor heat and humidity is your air conditioner. If your AC system doesn’t work correctly, the hot, humid air comes in and causes all sorts of problems. In these areas, you must keep your air conditioner working efficiently to prevent these issues. AC repair in Athens is critical to your health and the wellbeing of your home.

Damaged AC vents also cause leaks that let humidity in, which encourages the growth of mildew and mold.

What are the signs? The most obvious sign that you need AC repair in Athens is that your system is not cooling. It can be devastating, especially in the hot, humid weather of Georgia. Not to worry, though. Just because your AC unit isn’t cooling doesn’t mean you need a new unit. It could just be a problem with the ducts, or it might be a compressor issue. You won’t know until you call in an AC repair in Athens expert.


If you smell strange odors coming from the AC or feel the humidity, something is wrong. The wiring might be burning, or the vents might be leaking. Turn off the AC and call us J&J Heating and Air to solve your AC problems.

The Electricity is Getting too Expensive

A tell-tale sign of AC problems is when your electric bill comes in too high. When the AC unit doesn’t work correctly, it wastes a lot of energy trying to keep the room cool.


If any of these signs present themselves in your Georgia home, it’s time to call in the AC repair Athens specialist J&J Heating and Air to get your AC unit inspected.

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