Air Conditioning Replacement In Athens, GA

Air Conditioning Replacement In Athens, Monroe, Madison, GA and the Surrounding Areas

Professional Air Conditioning Replacement in Athens, Monroe, Madison, GA, and Surrounding Areas

The weather in Georgia can get quite unpredictable at times. It could be sunny or hot today and extreme cold sets in within a few days. An Air Conditioning (AC) is crucial in keeping your family cool when it’s extremely, especially during summer. Just like any other machine the AC can fail, requiring a repair, an upgrade or a replacement. Call Us Today for the Best AC Replacement In Athens, Monroe, Madison, GA and the Surrounding Areas.

Get That Replacement From the Best

But if the AC keeps failing frequently, it might be time to replace it. At J & J Heating & Air, we provide high-quality HVAC equipment to make sure that your home is comfortable in all weathers. With us, you are guaranteed of getting the best AC replacement for your home or office as evident from the many testimonials.

We help you acquire an AC that suits your needs and undertake the installation until the system starts working effectively. Our company believes in customer service and that is why we will still be with you during your AC maintenance.

Signs You Need an AC Replacement

If your AC keeps breaking down, you could end up spending large sums of money on repairs, making replacement the cheaper and ultimate option. It is critical, however, that you get it right since AC systems are crucial investments for your home or office. Below are some signs that repairs are no longer effective and it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit:

  • Age: Every AC has its lifespan. If your system keeps failing even after the right maintenance and repair, the problem might be that its time is overdue. Most ACs work effectively for 9-12 years, and if yours is past this age it is advisable to start planning for a replacement.
  • High Energy Bills: An aging air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity to cool your home, leading to higher bills. Such AC units are also not energy-efficient as they tend to cool down your house sufficiently.
  • Strange Noises: Although pop sounds and whistles are somehow common with ACs, other noises like squealing, grinding, scraping, and popping are signs that you might be required to replace the system altogether.
  • Frequent and Extensive Repairs: Older ACs will require to repair a component almost all the time. If you find yourself scheduling repairs more frequently than you used to, replace the unit to save money. It is advisable to avoid repairing a part whose warranty has already expired since the cost might be comparable to replacing it altogether.
  • Weak Airflow and Poor Air Quality: When the air in your house becomes dusty or contains high humidity levels means that your air conditioner is not ventilating properly. The air conditioner might be taking longer than usual to cool down, indicating that the AC compressor is failing. If this happens, a replacement is inevitable.

If you notice any of these signs, it is advisable to contact a professional HVAC company to schedule a replacement or an upgrade.

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