Six controls in one

  • Temperature, Humidity, Dehumidification, Ventilation, IAQ & Airflow

TrueSense TM Dirty Filter Detection

Seven airflow levels for dehumidification

Configurable humidifier control

  • Based on OAT to reduce window condensation
  • Heating humidity setpoint between 24%-55%

Fan Coil


Smart Comfort recovery

Largest Temperature Display in the industry

  • Configurable for continuous backlight
  • Adjustable screen contrast
  • Patented dual intensity glow

Controls made easy

  • Day-at-glance programming
  • Goof proof screen prompts
  • Easy vacation scheduling
  • Accessory status on a single screen
  • System status on a single screen
  • Programmable for different time periods
  • Routine maintenance reminders with dealer name and phone number

Installation made easy

  • Single wiring diagram
    – Color-coded ABCD wiring
  • Automatic start-up without dip switch setting
  • Automatic configuration at power-up

Dealer Exclusive System Diagnostics

  • Equipment check out
  • Time-stamped last 10 system faults
  • Equipment run/fault
  • Equipment model and serial number display

Infinity TM Remote Access

  • Access your Infinity TM System from anywhere via the internet or telephone

Remote Access offers great benefits to dealers:

  • Log into HVAC-Partners’ to view your customers with Remote Access
  • Infinity TM System status
  • Last 10 Infinity TM System faults
  • Infinity TM System equipment profile
  • Notifications via email, telephone, & page messages
  • Routine maintenance reminders
  • Urgent alerts