Thermostat Problems That Can Lead To HVAC Issues

Have you ever thought about how small things play an essential role in the world? All life-changing journeys begin with a small step. Even the tiny thermostat can lead to big, serious HVAC problems. If your furnace’s thermostat is not functioning accurately, call the thermostat repair in Monroe.

Before we jump onto the thermostat issues that can turn into HVAC problems, let’s first know what a thermostat is.

What is a Thermostat?

A thermostat is a technical appliance that helps in controlling the HVAC appliance. It is a simple device that helps you set the HVAC system’s temperature.

A programmable thermostat is the latest model of thermostat available in the market. It helps program the HVAC system according to your needs and home’s comfort. You can get one at the furnace installation companies in Monroe.

It is an electrical gadget and will start to pop up problems. Even though a thermostat is a small, tiny electric device, its troubles could disturb the whole HVAC system.

Thermostat Problems that Could Disturb the HVAC System


Here is the list of problems that your furnace’s thermostat could be going through. If you find the indications in your furnace, call the thermostat repair in Monroe for a quick check.

1. The position of the thermostat in the house

The position of the thermostat can affect the working of the thermostat and its age. The thermostat can go on for ages working perfectly fine. However, it should not be kept where it receives direct sunlight or near any other heat source. It will read the temperature a little higher than room temperature, and it will not warm up the room according to the programmed temperature.

2. The cleanliness of the thermostat

If a layer of dust resides on your furnace’s thermostat, it is the perfect time to clean because it might be the reason for its improper functioning. The dust particles don’t let the thermostat gauge the temperature of the surroundings properly. You always clean it yourself, but it can be risky. That’s why it is better to call the thermostat repair in Monroe.


3. The level of the thermostat

If you have a mercury bulb thermostat in your furnace, then this point might be for you. It might not work accurately if the mercury level is not in line. It is better to replace it with the furnace installation in Monroe as soon as possible.

4. The old age of thermostat

If the thermostat has been there for you for a long time and is not working perfectly, don’t blame the thermostat. It is now old and is tired of functioning. Call the furnace installation in Monroe and replace it with the latest thermostat in the market.

5. The improper installation of the thermostat

Sometimes loose wire connections or electrical connections can lead the thermostat to work improperly. Loose wire connections can even lead to short circuits. That’s why it is better to call the technicians to install the thermostat unless you are an expert in fixing it.

You can always look for the batteries if the thermostat is not working. Try putting in a pair of new batteries in the thermostat. If the problem persists, call us here! We will solve the problem in no time!