A Guide to Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

The maintenance of your HVAC units all year round is essential. To keep them in top-notch condition, you need to follow certain steps and measures. These measures can make your HVAC systems more efficient and can increase their life as well. Increasing your systems’ efficiency can lead to reduced electricity bills. Now, who doesn’t want that?
Before starting about individual steps that can be taken for heating & cooling units, there are shared steps that can be implemented for all HVAC units and are extremely beneficial for their efficiency and proper functioning.

Basic maintenance steps for HVAC units

These steps can be applied to both heating as well as cooling systems. These steps encompass all the necessary details to keep your HVAC units in perfect order!

  1. Check the thermostat:
    The thermostat is responsible for the working of your unit, and for the temperature of the unit too. It involves a lot of electrical connections and should be taken care of only by an HVAC professional. Properly taking care of your thermostat can lead to reduced energy bills, and if it is a programmable thermostat, then all the better!


  2. Replace/Clean the air filter:
    You can clean your air filter on your own as it just requires you to dismantle it and either clean it or replace it. Cleaning the air filter can not just improve the air quality of your home and lead to reduced energy consumption, but it can also increase the life of your furnace if done at the right time. It is recommended by HVAC experts to get your air filter changed every 90 days.


  3. Lubricate the moving parts of the unit:
    Another vital step for maintenance is to lubricate the moving parts of your furnace or air conditioner. This protects them from natural wear & tear and keeps them in their best shape all season long!


  4. Clean the condensate drain thoroughly:
    Often, slime or dirt can get built up in the condensate drain of your HVAC unit. This can push back the condensation produced by your HVAC unit, leading to water leakage. You need to clean your condensate drains seasonally to ensure that it doesn’t happen.
    Apart from these steps, you should keep your supply vents clear and get the system tested to make sure that it is working as you want it to. Hiring HVAC professionals for maintenance is the best thing to do as they know how they can improve your system without burning a hole in your pockets!\

Specific maintenance steps for heating units
Heating units have a different mechanism for heating than air conditioners. They have some special components which need individual attention as well. Here are a few steps to maintain your furnaces/heaters:

Specific maintenance steps for cooling units
Before the summer season starts, make sure to follow these steps so that you can enjoy splendid-quality air in your home.

  • Clean the outdoor unit of the AC thoroughly
  • Inspect and clean the evaporator & condenser coils
  • Clear the debris from the AC units
  • Check the refrigerant

When should you get HVAC maintenance done?
It is advisable to get your HVAC units inspected in the fall as well as spring seasons before they come into use. This is recommended to ensure a seamless process of maintenance so that your unit doesn’t break down in the scorching heat of June or the chilly winters of December. However, it is also recommended to get the maintenance job done by the same HVAC professionals, as they know how to handle the units and how to increase their efficiency.

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